The Traditional Craftsman

Tres Ramirez

Woodworking has been a passion of mine for a long time. I have always loved crafting wood. I am intrigued with the traditional past and how people used to use wood. On my quest to find the way woodworking used to be I have also tried to answer the question of why we have come so far from appreciating handcrafted woodworking. Also, understanding the knowledge and skill it takes to make something beautiful and usable. When I bring up that I am a woodworker to people, and that I take a log and by using 3 or 4 tools turn it into a usable spoon that is better and stronger than what you can buy in the store they are amazed. Aesthetics and ergonomics also have a part in the craft, and by using the grain of the wood properly the spoon longevity increases. My mission is to use my skills as a woodworker to improve peoples lives and facilitate them having a connection that has been lost in this mass produced cold world. To give people the sense of ownership and uniqueness with every purchased item.


501 Foster street durham, NC 27701

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