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Lani Kee Williams






Lani Kee Williams is a Durham, NC artist who has explored and lived in the world of arts and crafts for over 30 years. She is a true believer that creativity in all forms can heal, bridge gaps, make hearts sing and grace a home with love. For several years, Lani was a maker of leather jewelry called “Off the Beaded Path.”  In her search for a new artistic form, she discovered acrylic poured painting and dot mandala painting and currently has a passion for these two mediums.  Her native roots of Hawaii emerge in her new work as she loves to paint landscapes from the ocean.  You will find a lot of sunrises and sunsets in her work!  With her poured painting, she creates abstract fluid art using the colors of Hawaii- bright floral hues and ocean colors in what she likes to refer as a “right brain free form style” that she surrenders control over once the paint is poured on the canvas.  With her dot mandala paintings, the left brain comes back into the picture as she intentionally constructs geometric patterns with a charcoal pencil, then proceeds to dot a picture that almost always has a mandala therein.  The only time she uses a paintbrush is to cover the canvas before pouring or dotting.  It’s a nice brain balance to do both!


You can still find Lani’s leather bracelets at The Artisan Market at 305, downtown Durham.  She will continue to make custom leather bracelets for her customers who make requests.  Lani will be at the Durham Craft Market most Saturdays if she is not at an out-of-state art show.  You can find her schedule on her website.  See you at market!





501 Foster street durham, NC 27701

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