Durham Craft Market
How to Join

How to Join

Thank you for your interest in joining the Durham Craft Market.
At this time the application process is open to new membership for 2017. We look forward to your submissions.

Applications will be reviewed and the Selections Committee will notify applicants by email of its decision.
Please be aware that the DCM has a limited number of spaces available to the membership. All categories are currently open. There are a limited number of slots available in the jewelry category. You may apply for more than one category, but you may not be approved for all the categories.

Find out if you Qualify:


1.      Each seller must reside and make the items to be sold within a 50-mile radius of the Durham city limits, in the state of North Carolina.

2.      Each seller must be the original producer of the items sold. Sellers may designate personal representatives to attend the Market (family members, employees, etc.)

3.      The seller’s items must be artistic in nature and show personal creativity. All items must be handcrafted. The Durham Craft Market Selection Committee reserves the right to make the subjective judgments about the creative and handcrafted nature of the items sold. Consumable food may not be sold at the Durham Craft Market.

4.         All sellers and their representatives must abide by the responsibilities and requirements set forth in the Craft Market Rules.

The Application Process has Four Steps: 
Read the DCM Rules & Guidelines thoroughly before completing the application (click on document to the left).
Complete the DCM online application form.
  • Click on the link to the DCM Online Membership Application to the left.
Pay your $25 non-refundable application fee to the DCM via PayPal.
  • Use the PayPal button to the left to complete your PayPal fee transaction.