Doreen Jakob


Doora ceramics combine artist Doreen Jakob’s passion for clay and textiles. Each piece brings together one-of-a-kind collage and functional design. Doora ceramics capture Doreen’s love of her home city of Durham, where the urban experience meets the beauty of the natural world.

Fascinated by urban environments, Doreen often draws from Durham’s urban iconography in her illustrations on clay. For example, the Durham skyline that she paints on some of her work, is a depiction of the landscape unfolding during her early morning bike ride to her downtown studio. Doreen uses textiles (vintage laces, crochet, embroidery) as well as other post-consumer products (linoleum carvings, packaging materials, natural materials) to create unique textures and impressions on the clay. Turn the platters and plates around, and you will see that on both sides of the artwork, Doreen has imprinted leaves and fabrics and other materials that she discovered on her explorations of the city.

Doora ceramics are handmade with North Carolina clay in downtown Durham. Each piece is a unique work of art that is food safe (you may even drink out of a vase, if you wish), as well as dishwasher and microwave safe.

To see more of doora ceramics visit, follow on Instagram (@dooracrafts) and Facebook (@dooraartsandcrafts). Visit Doreen in person Saturday Mornings 8am-12noon at the Durham Craft Market by the Durham Farmers’ Market.



501 Foster street durham, NC 27701

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