2018 Craft Market Rules

What We Are:
The Durham Craft Market (“DCM”) is a membership association with a cooperative, community oriented philosophy. The association is made up of artisans from Durham and the surrounding areas.
The location of the Durham Craft Market is near the intersection of Foster and Hunt Streets, in the Durham Central Park area, on the grassy area adjacent to the Farmers Market Pavilion. The DCM season starts the first Saturday in March with abbreviated hours from 10:00am-12:00pm. Starting the first Saturday in April through the Saturday before Thanksgiving, regular market operating hours are 8:00 am. to 12:00 noon on Saturdays with additional opportunities to sell during abbreviated hours (10:00 am to 12:00 noon) on Saturdays in December.
On any given Saturday approximately 22-25 vendors may be present. This number varies throughout the season, but generally consists of 20 full spaces and 2 spaces that are designated as “shared” spaces (i.e. 2 5′ x10′ spaces = 1 space, so 2 shared spaces could equal 4 vendors). Space is available to approved vendors only who have signed up via Sign Up Genius; and with the exception of the Market Manager who is guaranteed a space, spaces are reserved on a week by week basis via our sign up procedures. Spaces are available on a first come first served basis each week and members may sign up on a wait list through Sign Up Genius. Note, at this time, we also have the option of securing overflow space at the Art Market at Vega Metals.
All members pay an annual fee to participate. The fee for members is $200.  Members are also required to participate on a committee. Committee chairs are elected positions and will have $50 of their dues refunded at the end of the year. This option is not available to new members.
There is no minimum attendance requirement. However, members are strongly encouraged to attend as often as possible. Members are also encouraged to periodically sign up for a shared space.
Qualifications for All Sellers:
  1. Each seller must reside and make the items to be sold within a 50-mile radius of the Durham city limits, in the state of North Carolina.
  2. Each seller must be the original producer of the items sold. Sellers may designate personal representatives to attend the Market (family members, employees, etc.)
  3. The seller’s items must be artistic in nature and show personal creativity. All items must be handcrafted. The Durham Craft Market Selection Committee reserves the right to make the subjective judgments about the creative and handcrafted nature of the items sold. Consumable food items may not be sold at the Durham Craft Market.
  4. All sellers and their representatives must abide by the responsibilities and requirements set forth in this document.
  5. Shared membership/Collective Policy – If two artists/sellers apply and desire two 10×10 spaces, then they would each be treated as a separate artist, each with a right to one vote, and each paying the $200 annual membership fee. If two or more artists/sellers apply and desire to share a 10×10 space (thus act as a collective), then each artist must pay individual application fees and each must be juried in. However, they would be allowed to pay just the one $200 membership fee each year and they would function as a collective – meaning that they have one representative who is allowed to control the one vote and they would share the one 10×10 space.
The Application Process:
  1. The applicant must fully complete the Vendor Application, at the Durham Craft Market web site, www.durhamcraftmarket.com.
  2. The applicant must submit a $25 non-refundable application fee. Application will not be processed until payment has been received.  Payment may be made online or send a check or money order, made payable to:
    Durham Craft Market
    PO Box 61842
    Durham, NC 27715
  3. The applicant must include with the application 3 images of the items to be sold. Applications without photos will not be considered. Digital photos are preferred (max size 1920 x 1920 pixels) and may be e-mailed to thedurhamcraftmarket@gmail.com
  4. Deadlines: Applications are accepted beginning in mid-January and will be reviewed as a batch for the upcoming season. DCM has a limited number of spaces. The number of new artists accepted for membership will be based on available space. Applicants who meet our quality requirements but are not offered membership due to space limitations may be invited to participate in Pop Up events or to apply to the Holiday Show. Dates of application are listed on the website. If additional artists are needed after the first batch has been reviewed, a second application period will be announced on the website.  Applicants will be contacted within 15 days of the closing of the application period. All applications must include a completed application form, paid application fee and images.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  5. The Selection Committee may request that the applicant submit an actual item for review.
  6. The Durham Craft Market encourages applicants of all ages, from all backgrounds. If the producer of the items sold is younger than 18 years of age, his or her guardian or parent must serve as the active member of the DCM. The minor may sell the products at the Market.
  7. Currently, once a seller is accepted into the Market, s/he does not need to re-apply for the following year; however, they must complete a renewal form with updated information.  Members may be asked to submit to a peer review and a re-jurying process could be implemented in the future.
The Selection Process:
The Selection Committee will be made up of volunteer Durham Craft Market members. Selection Committee members are committed to reviewing each application with the utmost integrity and respect. Decisions will be made on the basis of perceived quality, workmanship, creativity, uniqueness, and market availability for the specific craft type. The Selection Committee may limit the number of sellers within the same category.
  1. The Durham Craft Market’s Selection Committee has the sole discretion to accept or decline applications. The Selection Committee’s decision is final for the duration of the season. Applicants may re-apply for the following season if they were not accepted for the season which they made application.
  2. The Selection Committee will thoroughly review the applicant’s application and photographs.
  3. The Selection Committee may ask for additional items, information, or documentation.
  4. Applicants will be contacted in writing with the Committee’s decision shortly after the Committee’s review meeting.
Member Responsibilities:
  1. Must be officially admitted to the DCM by the Selection Committee. Work for sale must be consistent with the images presented in the application.
  2. Tax IDs:  Each member needs a NC Sales and Use Tax ID number. The link to apply for the ID number is located at the DCM website. The Tax ID number must be given to the DCM by the first day of Market for the season.
  3. Arrive at the Market and set up between 6:00am-7:15am and be ready to sell by 8:00 am. Members must remove their vehicles to a remote parking lot prior to 7:30 am. For safety reasons, members are not allowed to bring their vehicles back in to re-load until the close of the Market (except in true emergencies).
  4. If the seller brings a tent or canopy, s/he is required to weight it down with at least 20 lbs of weights per pole/tent leg (cinder blocks, weights, sandbags, etc.) The seller is personally liable for any accidents involving the tent. Additional weights may be required on exceptionally windy days up to 30lbs per pole/tent leg. (See below for additional information about tents.)
  5. Post proper signage
  6. Prices must be posted for all items sold. Prices are set by the member.
  7. The name of the member (artisan) or artisan’s business name must be posted.
  8. Displays are encouraged to reflect the high quality and artistic nature of the entire market.
  9. Clean up the area around their booths after the Market. Failure to clean up properly may result in the member’s suspension from the Market.
  10. Members who wish to sell a new product category that is not on their application must reapply to the Selection Committee in writing. Attempting to sell an item or category that was not on the original application without authorization may result in suspension from the DCM.
  11. Follow generally recognized ethical business practices and behave with professionalism at all times.
  12. Excluding weather cancellations, two or more no shows will result in suspension from Market activities for 30 days. To officially cancel, members must phone or text the Market Manager. Cancellations must be made by Friday at 7 pm; cancellations after 7 pm on Fridays qualify as a no show.
Additional Information:
  1. All members must pay the annual membership fee in full prior to or on the first market day of each season. Half of the membership fee is due by the first Saturday in March. The remainder is due by the first Saturday in April. Full membership can be paid prior to those dates.
  2. The annual fee is $200. Members have the option of chairing an organizational committee. In this case, the fee is reduced to $50 and will be reimbursed at the end of the market year for committee chairs only.
  3. All members must attend one general membership meeting per year. They are encouraged to attend organizational meetings, vote on membership issues, and elect and serve as officers.
General Selling Information:
  1. Spaces are reserved through a Sign Up Genius invitation that is emailed to members on the Monday before the Saturday market. There are 20 full spaces and 2 shared spaces.  We will also have the opportunity to sell at the Art Market at Vega Metals if our space is full (including shared spots). Reserved spaces are then allotted on a “first-come, first served” basis along the designated area.  Please refer to the complete Sign Up Genius procedures in the document provided to all members. Arrive between 6:00 and 7:15 am. to make the set-up process smooth and orderly. Vehicles must be off site by 7:30 am.
  2. Full booth spaces are approximately 10’ x 10’, shared spaces are approximately 5′ x 10′. Electricity and water are not available. Tables, tents, and chairs are not provided. Remember to bring weights for your tent.
  3. If full spots become available, those who have signed up for shared spots will be asked if they want a full spot based on the order of who signed up first.
  4. Based on demand for spots, the shared spots may be converted to full spots during the market season.
  5. Market participation is by Selection Committee authorization only (no “drop-ins”).
  6. No alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, or weapons of any kind are permitted.
  7. Boom boxes, personal CD players, radios, etc. are not permitted due to noise complaints.
  8. In inclement weather, each member may decide individually whether to attend or not. Please refer to the cancellation procedures in the document provided to all members. The Farmers Market stays open rain or shine (except in extreme conditions).
Tents And Weight Requirements:
The DCM rules state that if you use a tent for your booth display, you must use weights to keep it from blowing over in the wind.  The reasons for this are:
  • Our particular site at the Durham Central Park is abnormally windy.  Many members have participated in outdoor shows without weighing down their tents and have had no negative experiences.  But our situation is different!  Please do not think that just because you have done outdoor shows before without weights that you will not need them at the DCM – you will.
  • A tent blowing over in the wind can cause injury to anyone in the vicinity – customers, passersby and DCM members.
  • A tent blowing over can cause costly property damage to your own display or another member’s display, or the property of passersby.
  • The DCM, an unincorporated association, is not responsible for any damage caused by an individual member vendor.  Individual vendors are solely responsible for any damages by their tent or booth set-ups.
The Steering Committee has determined that every member who uses a tent must use at least 20 lbs of weight per pole, from the following list of approved weights. In the event of extremely windy conditions, a minimum of 30lbs per pole/tent leg will be required. The following is an example of approved weights:
  • Standard cinder block –  one per pole
  • Three 1-gallon jugs of water per pole
  • 20lb dumbbell weights or barbell  plates – one per pole
  • One 2-gallon bucket filled with sand per pole
  • One 2-gallon bucket filled with concrete per pole
  • PVC pipe filled with concrete with a long eyebolt anchored in the cement, tied to each pole
IMPORTANT: All weights must be securely tied or otherwise affixed to the pole.  You must use weights EVEN IF YOU STAKE.  If you devise some other form of weight that is at least 20lbs, you must have it approved by the Daily On-Site Market Manager before setting it up. The Daily On-site Market Manager will come to every tent to check tent weights. If he or she determines that your weights are not sufficient, or not on the approved list, he or she will ask you to take your tent down.
In closing, the Steering Committee wishes you to know that these requirements are designed to protect YOU and the DCM organization from liability in case of accidents. They are also designed to protect you and others from experiencing physical and financial harm.


501 Foster street durham, NC 27701


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